Sunday, 19 November 2017

You can also read the deleted message of WhatsApp

1:-First go to the Google Play Store and search the Primo app. Now install it on your smartphone and click on the sign button to create your account.

2:-After this process, you have to enter your mobile number. After this you will get a verification code of 6 digits and the app will verify your mobile number.

3:-Now you have to enter your name, user name and password and some other information will also be given.

4:-After signing in, you will receive mail to verify your email ID. After the mail id verification is complete, you will be redirected to the app.

5:-After signing in to the app, go to your profile and tap on the Primo US Phone Number option.

6:-After the entire process, you will be asked to buy the package. Select Free Tile from it.

7:-After this you will be given a US number which you can use on your WhatsApp page.

8:-Now create a new account on WhatsApp from this new number and click on the 'Call Me' option for account verification. You will be given a new code through call. Enter the code and verify your account.

9:-Now you can create a new account with any new name and profile picture.

10:-After this whole process, you can message anyone you want and your number will not be visible to them.

Saturday, 4 November 2017

How To Hack Whatsapp With Your Girlfriend or Friend

It's not so easy to hack whatsapps apache, but still we are presenting it to you in 3 simple ways: (Please do not misuse this trick.) Pre-approval of access to their chat with your girlfriend or friend Take)

Method 1. Get the database file (Note that this is the easiest way to get whatsapp app, but in this way you will only get chat records or messages from the last 7 days of the Whatsapp app)

Actually whats the Whatsapp app automatically creates a database file on your phone, but suppose someone has deleted their WhatsApp app to hide from you, what would you do?

1. The simplest way is to get his phone first and then quickly go to File Manager.

2. Now go to the Database >> from the What's Apps folder.

3. Here you will find a database history of the last 7 days which will be stored as "msgstore-date.db.crypt8". There will be 7 similar files available with different dates. Select all these and send it to your phone via Bluetooth or xender.

4.Now, you have a database of your girlfriend or friend and this chat is available for the last 7 days.

5.Now the game starts. This database is in an encrypted format so you can not easily read it on your phone. You will need something to decrypt it, with which it can be read.

6. To do this, visit the Recovery website. Click on "select SQLite File" here and select the database file you want to read.

7. Accept the terms now received and click to proceed.

8. Just now all the chat will be open in this software and you can easily read it.

Method 2: What's Spy ?

This is a great but tree tool. So thousands of whatsapp spy software is available 
, but we'll use "mspy". For this, you can go to to view the demo of how it works.

Through Mspy you can find whatsapp messages, group messages, internet history, fasubcus, twitter, google, instagram etc, not only can you distinguish photos, videos and GPS locations. In other words, with the help of this, anyone can phone you completely.

How Mspy Works?

first of all, you need to call Victim, which is what you want to hack, and you will have to download the phone and quickly download and install the mspy app in his phone. This process will only take some time. After the installation is complete, all the data of the Victim will be stored in your mspy account.

Now you just have to log in with your mspy account and monitor all its activities. Its Whatsapp chat, social media activities, that is, you can keep an eye on just one place.

Now let's move to 3 ways: It's a bit harder to tell than the above. You will need to route Android phones for this.

1. Each phone has a Wi-Fi MAC address, so you somehow have to get the Wi-Fi Mac address of Victim. You will get this address in the phone's settings.

Go to Settings for Android> About> States> Wi-Fi MAC Address

Go to Settings for iOS> Journal> About> Wi-Fi Address

2. Now when you get the Victim's MAC address, replace it with your phone's MAC address for a while.

3.If you need a busybox app in Android. It is available on Google Play Store.

4. Now after changing your phone's MAC address, you will need to re-install the Whatsapp app (uninstall whatsapp app before you change the mac address)

5. Register this WhatsApp app with your girlfriends or friend's mobile number. A confirmation message will come to his phone, which you have to get in any way. Now type this confirmation message and go ahead.

6 Now your friends or girlfriends' Whatsapp app number is also running on your phone and you can see all their WhatsApp app messages.

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Sunday, 29 October 2017

How to track Lost Smartphone

To tackle this problem, we are going to tell you a way through which you can track your phone. You need to install GPS tracker by Follow me app. This can be tracked if your phone is missing or lost.

How To Use Ape ?

1. First of all download the GPS tracker by Follow me app by visiting Google Play Store. Many such apps will be present in the Play Store. You need to download and install the Blue icon app.

2. Open the app. Tap the settings from the page which will be open here.

3. Now you have to create an account for which the link on the page will have to be clicked.

4. Now a new page will be open. In it you have to enter a username and password. After this, select 1 minute in the track interwale. Then tap on the Save button below.

5. Then the GPS sign will be topped in your phone. After that exit from the app and go to Google Chrome and open the GPS tracker by Follow me link.

6. Here you will need to login to your account. After this there will be a page open which has to tap on Continue to my map.

7. After this there will be a map open where the location of your lost phone will be opened. From here you can track your phone.

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Thursday, 19 October 2017

How to check your mobile is Hacked

Many people are in doubt but they can not find that no one is tracking them. Here we are going to tell you about some such codes, so you can find out if you are not doing any track or your call is forwarded somewhere.

Let's learn about these codes :

Code: ## 4636 ## With
the help of this code, all information such as phone battery, Wi-Fi connection test, model number, RAM can be ascertained.

Code: * # 21 #
You suspect that if you have not diverted your message or call, then this code can be traced to this code.

Code: * # 62 # With
this code it can be ascertained that your phone was not re-directed to any other number.

Code: ## 002 # With
the help of this code you can deactivate all call forwarding calls.

With the help of these four codes, you can find out that there was no tampering with your phone. If so, you can stop leaking your personal information. This is the way to protect yourself from such incidents that keep your phone with yourself and be aware of its safety.

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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

How to protect your Mobile from Virus

The phone gets a virus when downloading any third-party app. To overcome this problem, we are going to tell you about a secret setting of the smartphone which will eliminate the possibility of virus attack in the phone. Let's tell you that this trick will work on Android Marshmallow and Nogget version only.

Learn how to :

-For this you must first go to the phone's settings.
-After that click on Google. Here you will get the security option. Keep in mind that in many phones -Google's option is out in the setting, so many options are given in these accounts.
-After tapping on security, enable the two options given below by tapping Google Play Protect.
-After this, whenever you install an app, Google will automatically scan it. If it contains a virus,   Google will give you a popup. Also, the app will stop installing it.

Learn How Does Google Play Protect Work ?

Google checks the privacy and security of each app on its Play Store. For this, it creates peer groups for every category. In such a case, if an app asks for a permit from any user, then it is flagged by Google. Google experts felt that changes in category-based peer groups could not be made. Which does not know how many types of apps are in the same category. That's why Google launched Play Protect. It's a thorough investigation of how many types of apps are in the same category.

You Know :-
Step 1: Update your version of Android.
Step 2: Prevent app installs from unknown sources.
Step 3: Restrict downloads with a password.
Step 4: Read and understand permissions.
Step 5: Install antivirus software.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

How to Crack any Password from any of these tricks can easily

Do you know how hackers crack your password? Today we are going to tell you about these techniques.

1. SQL Injection is one of these ways. For this, hackers have to steal the server's hard disk. The password which is in text only does not need to be decoded.

2. It is easy to hack passwords even through MITM. Under this hackers hijack the communication between the machine and the server. In this case, those who share shares between the plain text machine and the server, easily hack the hackers.

3. Sometimes you have links to some downloads, or some emails that contain malware called Trojans. They steal your personal data and deliver to hackers.

4. Hackers can also steal your personal information through phishing . Under this, hackers send you fakes. Which lead you to a fake website directly. Here also your personal data is stolen.

5. In this way hackers find your password from your birthday or other personal information.

Notes:-In such a situation, it is very important that you keep the password of all your ID strong. No one can hack your password. In the password, you can make a mix of numbers, special characters and names.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

After blocking whatsapp, keep it on every movement of Girlfriends

If anyone who has blocked you on WhatsApp, now you can see his last scene in a very easy way. All this has been possible through an app called WhatsDog.
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All this can be done through a few steps, so let us tell you how you will be able to see the other's last scene despite being a block.

1- First of all, you download the app named WhatsDog. 
2- Now to start, tap on the main screen. 
3- You now have to enter the mobile number of the person whose last scene you want to see. 
4- Now click on the option "By Contact" given to you. 
5- This will set your contact list yourself. 
6- After the contact is set, you tap on the content of the Continuum. 
7- After that you will get all the details of the contact via WhatsDog, which has blocked you on WhatsApp. 
8- Now whenever the person comes online on whatsapp, you will get a notification.

Please let us know that this app will be able to provide information about only one contact at a time.