Sunday, 23 October 2016

Yahoo Hacked: What to Do If Your Account Has Been Compromised

In recent weeks Yahoo has been prompting users to change their passwords and to add a phone number as an extra layer of security and on Thursday the reason for these requests became clear. The tech company announced that a hack could have compromised 500 million users' details.

Change Now
Whether you're one of the 500 million or not, the first step to take should be to change your password and to activate Two Factor Authentication (2FA) and to do both now.
2FA sends a code to a smartphone or cell phone every time you attempt to log into your account and unless said code is entered, along with the password, entry will be denied. It's the simplest, but one of the most effective ways of adding an extra layer of security. If it sounds like a pain, you can set the service to remember a specific computer for up to 30 days without asking for a code.