Monday, 20 March 2017

How To Remove Shortcut Virus From Pendrive/PC using CMD

What Is Shortcut Virus ?

A shortcut virus is a virus (a malware) that hides your original files inside shortcuts.The way it hides the file remains unknown though the effect is quite visible. The original files are there in the drive itself, but in such a position that you can’t recognize it nor take it out. 

Shortcut Virus Sometimes delete your important data.Initially, it doesn’t harms your files but later on, it may make them corrupt or even delete all the files; depends on the type of shortcut virus.Remove Shortcut Virus From PC or Pendrive.

Why this Shortcut Virus in PC/Laptop or Pen-drive occurs?

1.If your antivirus is not able to update its programs to latest available version. 

2.Updated antiviruses has more number of anti-threat programs then its previous version.

3.Using external USB storage i.e. Pen-drive without scanning. 

4.Pen-drive might have lots of harmful viruses such as Trojan.

5.Opening Unknown sources i.e. files and folders which have hidden malicious script inside.

6.By downloading untrusted third party applications which have virus.

7.Plugging your USB drive in someone's else computer which contains virus.

Types of Shortcut Viruses?
There are mainy three types of shortcut viruses are found till date:

1.Drive shortcut virus
As the name suggests, In this a shortcut of whole drive is created. No matter what type of drive is.

2.Folder shortcut virus
A shortcut of folder is created with all its contents wraps together

3.File shortcut virus

Delete Shortcut Virus using CMD

1.Open CMD (command prompt). [Go to Run -> type CMD ->Hit enter]

2.Type the name of your drive or removal drive and a colon after it and hit enter. [Example:- e:]

3.Now type:attrib -h -r -s /s /d e:\*.*(Replace e: with the drive name of your drive)

4.Press enter.