Sunday, 16 April 2017

Download free Best Password Cracking Tools for Windows, Linux, OS X

Disclaimer: Hackerinfoindia is publishing this list just for educational purposes and awareness about cyber security  . We don’t promote malicious and unethical practices.

1.John the Ripper

Johan the Ripper is most popular password cracking tool, this is free password cracking tool and Its ability to autodetect password hashtypes, makes it a preferred choice of ethical hackers to ensure security. A pro version of this tool is also available

Supported platforms:Linux, Windows, DOS, and OS X .

Download link:Click Here

2. L0phtCrack :-its window password cracking tool, its is used for hybrid, brute force, and rainbow tables attack .

Supported Platforms: L0phtCrack is available for Windows

Download linkClick Here

3. DaveGrohl

DaveGrohl is an open source password cracking tool that’s preferred by the Apple security experts.

Supported Platforms: DaveGrohl is available for OS X

Download link: Click Here


This free tool is created to support the protocols that are rarely supported by other popular password cracking tools.
its is also called brute forcing tool and also popular for pen testing scene.Crowbar supports VNC key authentication, OpenVPN, SSP private key authentication, and Remote Desktop.

Supported Platforms: Crowbar is available for Windows, Linux, OS X

Download link:Click Here

5.THC Hydra

This free-to-use tool helps the pentesters and security researchers to know how easy it would be to gain remote access to a system.

Supported Platforms: THC Hydra is available for Windows, Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, OS X

Download link:Click Here

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