Sunday, 20 August 2017

Top Five Hacking News ||Exploit Toolkit for $80 Per Day||Hijacked Extensions||Chinese DDoS Platforms||20-08-2017

1.The Latest Exploit Toolkit for $80 Per Day.

For just $80 per day, $500 per week or $1,400 monthly, cybercrime entrepreneurs can subscribe to Disdain. That's the name of a new exploit kit that's appeared on at least one underground Russian cybercrime forum, and which is being advertised by a "threat actor" who uses the handle "Cehceny," according to Israeli cybersecurity firm IntSights Cyber Intelligence. And more inforamtion Ref.

2.WannaCry 'Hero' Pleads Not Guilty, Allowed Back Online.

The British security researcher credited with stopping the WannaCry ransomware outbreak pleaded not guilty Monday to charges that he developed and sold a type of malicious software that steals online banking credentials and more inforattion Ref.

3.The malware can be downloaded accidentally through Google Play apps.

A new type of malware that threatens to send your private pictures, messages and internet browsing history to your friends has been discovered and more inforamtion  Click Here.

4. Hijacked Extensions: 4.7 Million Chrome Users at Risk.

More than 4.7 million users were apparently exposed to potentially malicious ads and credential theft after cybercriminals managed to hijack the developer accounts of several popular Chrome extensions.
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5.Common Source Code Used by Multiple Chinese DDoS Platforms.

An increase in Chinese websites offering online distributed denial of service (DDoS) capabilities was observed after a localized version of the source code of online booters was put up for sale, Talos reveals and more information Ref.