Wednesday, 6 September 2017

You can create a YouTube channel from your phone

To make Android Mobile or PC, YouTube Video Channel you must first have a Gmail account.

- To create a Gmail account in Android phones, first go to the phone's settings and choose Account   and Sync there.
- The option of the ad account will appear, click it. Click Create Account here.
- Pin it with and your Gmail account will be created.

Video upload method:-
 You can upload videos from Android phones as soon as a Gmail account is created. For this you have to open the YouTube app in the phone.

- There are many options here that you will have to click on the account button. Although the account will not be written on any button, the same symbol of the profile picture that is created is the same account button.

- Clicking on it will show you the option of Mai video. Here you will get the option of upload video.

- Click on it. With this you will be able to get videos available in the front gallery gallery, which you can upload.

- You will also get the option of recording the video above, if you wish, then you can record the video and upload it to YouTube.

- You can also write title and description of the uploading video.

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