Sunday, 19 November 2017

You can also read the deleted message of WhatsApp

1:-First go to the Google Play Store and search the Primo app. Now install it on your smartphone and click on the sign button to create your account.

2:-After this process, you have to enter your mobile number. After this you will get a verification code of 6 digits and the app will verify your mobile number.

3:-Now you have to enter your name, user name and password and some other information will also be given.

4:-After signing in, you will receive mail to verify your email ID. After the mail id verification is complete, you will be redirected to the app.

5:-After signing in to the app, go to your profile and tap on the Primo US Phone Number option.

6:-After the entire process, you will be asked to buy the package. Select Free Tile from it.

7:-After this you will be given a US number which you can use on your WhatsApp page.

8:-Now create a new account on WhatsApp from this new number and click on the 'Call Me' option for account verification. You will be given a new code through call. Enter the code and verify your account.

9:-Now you can create a new account with any new name and profile picture.

10:-After this whole process, you can message anyone you want and your number will not be visible to them.