Tuesday, 18 April 2017

How to hack Wifi and facebook Account through Wifiphisher ||100% Working

Disclaimer: Hackerinfoindia is publishing this list just for educational purposes and awareness about cyber security  . We don’t promote malicious and unethical practices.

What you Need and Installation :-

·      Laptop with onboard or additional Wifi-Adapter
·      2x Wifi-Adapters (recommended)

First, open your Terminal and type git clone https://github.com/wifiphisher/wifiphisher”
and open the Wifiphisher directory with “cd wifiphisher
just type that command “sudo python setup.py install”
now you should be able to open Wifiphisher by just typing “wifiphisher” in the Terminal


In case some people face, Matplotlib might be missing like you can see in the picture below

to solve the problem just type in Terminal “sudo apt-get install matplotlib”
and you should be ready to go.

1.  Now you open Wifiphisher by typing “wifiphisher” in the Terminal and you will be able to see the following window.
Then you see multiple wifi-devices, and choose which wifi- device you want to attack.
Then we have four phishing options that we can use

If you want to drop a payload on your targets device make sure to use option 3. This option falsifies a browser update and serves your target with a Payload instead.
  If you want to Phish the Wifi-Password options 1 & 2 are great especially option 2 supports mobile devices which are great in case your target uses a mobile phone to reconnect to the Internet.
If you want to phish Facebook LogIn information option 4 is the one to go with. It has a great template that looks almost tempting to use.
Now that you chose your option just wait until your target reconnects to the Fake-Wifi-Spot created by you. Since you sent him deAuth-Packages he has to reconnect in order to be able to use the Internet.
The moment your Target connects his information will be displayed to you.
Once the Target types in his Information those will be displayed to you in RED.

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